How To Get A Payday Loan Fast Loans Driving license loan – can you take a driving license loan?

Driving license loan – can you take a driving license loan?

The basic document enabling you to take out a non-bank loan is your ID card. Sometimes income certificates, bank statements or PIT tax returns are not necessary.

The “loan for proof” has got separate rankings and has become a popular financial product thanks to which it is possible to obtain quick support. What to do if we lose or destroy evidence? Is a driving license loan possible? What conditions must be met to take advantage of the loan company’s offer?

Loan without ID card – can you take a driving license loan?

Loan without ID card - can you take a driving license loan?

One of the basic requirements of any loan company is having a valid ID. The document that allows you to verify the correctness of personal data provided in the loan application is your ID card. It allows you to confirm the identity of the applicant for the loan and to establish Polish citizenship.

The decision of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) of August 3, 2004, number GI-DEC-DS-157/04, clearly indicates that documents such as:

  • school, student, insurance and business ID cards
  • qualification certificates
  • ID cards for social security benefits


  • driving license

are documents on the basis of which it is impossible to confirm the identity of a specific person.

The abovementioned documents only allow to confirm the rights and skills possessed. The driving license therefore only confirms the right to drive vehicles of a particular category.

A valid ID is the basic condition for obtaining a loan from a non-bank company. Other documents, including driving licenses, are not accepted.

When filling out the loan application and drawing up the contract, provide data that is only on your ID card. We are talking here about the number and series of ID cards, as well as the date of its validity. For this reason, lenders are not able to treat driving licenses as an identity document.

Or a loan for a passport?

Or a loan for a passport?

If not a driving license loan, maybe a passport? Passport in light of applicable law is a document that allows you to confirm your identity and Polish citizenship. Despite the fact that it seems just as important as an ID card, it cannot be used to take out a loan from a non-bank company.

Lenders are asking for basic data in the application, which in the event of problems with repayment obligations, will allow the recovery of debts. There is also some difficulty in determining whether the passport is certainly valid and whether the identity of the person applying for a loan under the passport is authentic.

Loan companies clearly specify the conditions that must be met to obtain a loan. These include not only having a valid ID card, but also an appropriate age, usually 18 years old, permanent residence in the Republic of Poland, Polish citizenship and creditworthiness.

Documents needed to get a loan

One of the most important advantages of non-bank loans compared to traditional bank loans is minimum formalities. This directly translates into the speed of providing financial support to clients. The documents needed to obtain a loan are very easy to complete because they are really few. What documents are needed to get a loan? What personal data should be provided in the loan application?

Loan without proof – when is it possible?

Loan without proof - when is it possible?

Sometimes it can happen that suddenly we will be without an ID card, for example we lost it, someone stole it or the document was destroyed. In such cases, you must go to the municipality and apply for a new ID card. You should also ask for a certificate, which will replace it until you receive the document. This certificate can be used whenever an identity card needs to be presented.

However, this document is not accepted as proof of the identity of the person applying for the loan. It should also be remembered that it is not allowed to include in the loan application data from an ID card which is invalid, has been stolen or lost.

A safe solution and the possibility of applying for a loan is submitting an application to a loan company whose services we have already used. To create a customer profile, it was necessary to complete the information form. A particular loan company should therefore have confirmed data about its client and not require the ID card to be presented again. Therefore, if we want to receive a loan quickly, and we do not have an ID card, we can try to use the services of a loan company whose client we were in the past.

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